Democratic Candidate Corey Booker to make stops in Northwest Iowa

Tue 12-17-2019 Spencer, IA

(Spencer)-Democratic Presidential Candidate Corey Booker is returning to Iowa to make his case to Iowans as to why he is the candidate with the experience and vision to lead the nation.   Booker's five-day tour will include stops in Northwest Iowa, including a Conversation with Cory in Sioux City at  the Sioux City Convention Center on Friday evening at 6:30.  On Saturday, Senator Booker will stop by Sioux County for a Meet and Greet in Sioux Center at 11 am at The Fruited Plain Cafe in Sioux Center.  Also, on Friday Booker will join a Rural Round Table at Deja Brew Coffee, 24 West Park Street in Spencer at 3:30 pm.