David Ellefson comments on Megadeth Grammy Award

Tue 2-14-2017 Jackson,Mn

(Jackson, Minnesota)-Jackson native David Ellefson picked up a Grammy Award this past weekend, Becky Thoreson has details:

David Ellefson comments on Megadeth Grammy Award story 

Heavy Metal Rockers Megadeth won the Grammy Award for "Dystopia", the Best Metal Performance in the Rock Category on Sunday evening.

Band co-founder David Ellefson says it was a thrill after being nominated a dozen times to finally win the honor.  "It's incredible, you know, so many years that we've been doing it.  I mean we've never written songs to win awards, so when you win one, it's unbelievable.  It's just like kind of the ultimate sort of validation from our community, you know, that they let us in the big club finally."

A native of Jackson, Minnesota, Ellefson says he'll host a Grand Opening of his Ellefson Coffee Company in April.  "We're actually doing our Grand Opening for the Ellefson Coffee Company.  We've done kind of a soft opening to transition the store these last couple months.  We were actually just gonna announce it, but I'll announce it here so everybody knows we're actually gonna do it I early April, probably the weekend of April 7,8 & 9 it looks like is when we're going to have to fire that up.  We've got some guests coming in and all kinds of fun stuff that's gonna be happening.  And I will be there for that as well, and so we look very much forward to seeing all the peeps in the neighborhood."

Megadeth is touring worldwide, with North American dates about to be announced.

Listen to the full interview:

David Ellefson comments on Megadeth Grammy Award interview 

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