Dave Rowley & Friends return to Pearson Lake Art Center August 16

Tue 8-13-2019 2201 Highway 71,Okoboji,IA

(Okoboji)-Dave Rowley and Friends return to the Pearson Lakes Art Center this week, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Dave Rowley & Friends return to Pearson Lake Art Center August 16 

The Pearson Lakes Art Center presents perennial favorite Dave Rowley and Friends on Friday night at the Lauridsen Performing Arts Theatre.

Rowley says several talented musicians will join him.  "Carlis Faurot is our violin player from Cedar Rapids, and he comes up.  Of course, Ryan Sather is here, local, does keyboards.  Brent Wallin is our bass player from Sioux Falls, and then Carly Wells is a local at Okoboji High School, and she plays drums for us, too.  Perry Pearson typically joins us, but he has a little bit of a conflict, I think he has a daughter getting married, so he's got a legitimate excuse." 

He adds that fans from across the country typically attend the show.  "In addition to the friends that are on stage though, what's remarkable about this is that we get friends and family from all over.  We have people that come Northern Minnesota, from Southeast Iowa, from Arizona, from all over that wanna come back here.  It's a bit of a reunion in a sense, and just really have a good time."

The concert will begin at 7:30 Friday night.

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