Damon Dotson's 13th Annual Lake Affect July 6

Thu 7-4-2019

(Okoboji)-It's Damon Dotson's Lake Affect this weekend, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Damon Dotson's 13th Annual Lake Affect July 6 

Damon Dotson's 13th Annual Lake Affect will be held on Saturday in Miller's Bay on West Okoboji.

Dotson says the music will get underway at noon.  "We have The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and they start at noon.  They're a Des Moines band that plays 50s and 60s rock and roll, so it should be really high-energy, really good players.  Then we have Tony Bohnenkamp Band.  They do a little bit of everything, but everything that everybody loves, it's gonna be a riot.  Then, it'll be my Band at about 3 o'clock."

He adds that safety and keeping the lake clean are primary concerns.  "Being respectful and being safe is the number one priority in order to continue this tradition and continue this event.   It's been able to continue to thrive because people have been able to be safe, be conscious of what you're doing and also keeping Okoboji clean.  If you see something small in the water, whether it's yours or not, again, the respectful thing to do is pick it up, put it in your boat, put it in the trash, just get it out of the water."

Hear the full interview with Damon Dotson:

Interview with Damon Dotson lake affect 2019 

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