Cyndy Powers To Retire As Head Of Dickinson County Public Health

Wed 11-30-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- The head nurse of Dickinson County Public Health is retiring. Cyndy Powers has announced she'll be stepping down from the position at the end of January, 2017. Powers tells KUOO news she's spent 39 of her 41 years of nursing in Public Health...Powers Retiring01 

"I started in the Twin Cities as a public health nurse and then also worked in Jackson and Cottonwood counties in Minnesota as a supervisor for public health, and then I went into Dickinson county public health, so I've been here before, it's kind of my second time around. Then I went into school nursing and occupational health nursing, which are all forms of public health. So I've been doing it a long time."

Powers says there's a lot she's going to miss...Powers Retiring02 

"Not just the people I work with which are outstanding individuals, each and every one of them, but also all of the patients. Even though now I have more of managerial role, I still enjoy talking to many of the patients and just seeing the many different things that public health has accomplished throughout the years."

Powers has witnessed a lot of changes over the years, especially when it comes to the various programs public health provides...Powers Retiring03 

"We help the physicians, all the local physicians as well as outlying physicians; making sure that kids do get their preventive shots; working with the flu clinics. Another big area has been our maternal child health program and we were just recently this past year received accreditation. That is moving in a very different facet and field very quickly. Also, I would say working with emergency preparedness and working with all the different people I have throughout the county as we prepare hopefully never to have a major incident, but it could happen. It could be man-made, it could be a natural disaster, but we need to be prepared."

Powers says she is looking forward to spending more time with family upon her retirement.