Curly-leaf Pondweed meeting draws crowd

Wed 4-5-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- The Iowa Great Lakes Association hosted an informational meeting on curly leaf pond weed Tuesday afternoon at the Rolling Oaks Barn.

Mike Hawkins, District Fisheries Biologist with the DNR says the invasive weed flourishes when conditions are right...Hawkins-Pondweed01 

"In the past couple of years those conditions that are favorable for growth happened to be very short winter durations and late ice up in the fall, we've had both of those things. It gives this plant kind of a shot in the arm through the fall germination period and the ice and it comes into the spring kind of super charged and ready to hit the surface."

He notes that the DNR will be doing some removal of the weed on East Okoboji...Hawkins-Pondweed02 

"The Department of Natural Resources is working with the East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation and the city of Orleans to do a larger contract for some removal."

Listen to the full interview with Mike Hawkins:

Mike Hawkins IGLA curly leaf pondweed interview 

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