Curly Leaf Pond Weed Dies Off; But DNR Official Says It Likely Will Be Prevalent Again Next Year

Mon 7-3-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- Curly Leaf pond weed should no longer be a problem the rest of the season in the Iowa Great Lakes. The weed, which was especially prevalent earlier in the season on the north end of East Lake Okoboji and on some of the lower chain of lakes has gone through it's life cycle and has pretty much died off. But Mike Hawkins, a fisheries biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says it's left a lot of seeds behind that likely will once again cause a resurgence of problems next year...Curly Leaf Update01 

"So what's happened now is there's been quite a lot of a carry-on development which are analogous to seeds. Those will start to germinate late fall, and the cycle begins again."

Hawkins says the DNR, along with local stakeholders, will re-evaluate control options for curly leaf pondweed in coming months, including mechanical harvesting...Curly Leaf Update02 

"We're going to be looking next year at expanding that, taking a look at maybe some alternative methods, exploring those options. Or keeping things the same. A lot of this is going to be up to community input."

Hawkins says funding availability will also play a crucial role in any future efforts to try to control the weed.