Crews Still Trying To Determine Source Of Petroleum Odor In Milford Sewer System

Wed 2-12-2020

(Milford)-- Crews late this (Wed.) afternoon were still trying to determine the source of a petroleum odor that was coming from a portion of Milford's sanitary sewer system.

Crews noticed the odor earlier in the day coming from a lift station on the south edge of town. The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District, Milford Public Works Department and the DNR were on the scene the better part of the day. The Milford Fire Department also stood by for awhile as a precaution.

Mayor Steve Anderson, who's also Superintendent of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District, told KUOO news late this afternoon the DNR and city were awaiting test results of some samples that were taken. 

Anderson says gas monitors indicated the levels are not high enough to cause any concern over a potential explosion.

Milford residents, especially those south of 13th Street, or County Road A-34, are still being urged to run some water down sink, shower and floor drains to help prevent any possibility of the odor seeping into homes or businesses.