Crews Retrieve Vehicle From Storm Lake That Fell Through The Ice, Killing A Man And Child

Sat 2-2-2019

(Storm Lake)-- On January 22nd, an S-U-V went through the ice on Storm Lake, killing 40-year-old Zackary Newlon, of Anthon, and one of his children, eight-year-old Blair.

Yesterday (Friday), dive teams recovered that vehicle. Teams began working about eight o'clock yesterday morning. One the vehicle was found, the Okoboji Underwater Recovery Specialists cut through nearly 15 inches of ice to make a hole to pull the car through. A diver went into the water and hooked cables to the vehicle. The S-U-V was lifted out of the water, moved to solid ice, and towed to shore. It took about four hours to completed the operation.

Recovery efforts were delayed more than once, both due to inclement weather... and Buena Vista County Sheriff Kory Elston says divers were also needed last weekend at Okoboji, where several vehicles went through the ice during the annual Okoboji Winter Games. Newlon's two daughters, nine-year-old Sidney  and five-year-old Sophie, continue to recover after they were rescued. Elston says the two girls returned to their home in Ida Grove this week.

After the vehicle was recovered, the team used sonar equipment to locate a U-T-V that had also fallen through the ice.

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KAYL in Storm Lake).