Crews Continue To Battle Flooding In Milford, West Okoboji & Other Areas

Fri 3-15-2019

(Milford)-- Officials are hopeful the worse of the flooding may be over, as efforts to draw down water levels continue in a number of areas. In Milford and West Okoboji, Dickinson County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Ehret says pumping operations are continuing...Flood Update01 

"They're continuing to work on trying to get some of the water down here in Milford on it's way with pumps and so forth. Also working with West Okoboji. We're getting another pump brought in from the state, this morning I believe, to try and help out the area down there in Boy's Town. They've got a lot of water standing around and trying to help that find its way as well. As far as the rivers and that go, it looks like they have for the most part, crested last night, although there could be some fluctuations. There's still a fair amount of ice along the river so there could potentially be some issues with ice jams and so forth but as of now it looks like those have crested."

Ehret says they're also making some resources available to assist homeowners with clean-up...Flood Update02 

"We'll try to get some clean-up kits available. We've got some still left over from last summer that we're going to try to get out to places here hopefully today, if we can. We're also going to, I know yesterday there a declaration that came out through the Governor. Our county is supposed to be added to that today. That will open up the Individual Assistance Program for low income folks that need to need to, if they had anything get damaged or so forth and need help there, that will become available as well, so."

Ehret encourages those with damage to report it by going to a link at the Dickinson County Emergency Management website at