COVID Vaccinations In Iowa Moving To Next Phase Beginning Today (Feb. 1st) But Progress Locally Expected To Remain Very Slow With Limited Supplies

Mon 2-1-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Beginning today (Mon.), COVID-19 vaccinations in Iowa are now moving to phase 1B. In a YouTube video, Dr. Zac Borus of Lakes Regional Healthcare and Dickinson County Public Health says with the current lack of vaccine, they're being forced to break that down in tiers...Vaccination Update01 

"We would love to be able to say that if you're 65 and over, come on in and get your shot. That said, the state of Iowa supplies have been very short and so for this coming week we have gotten 200 shots. As of right now, based on the information that we've gotten, we have over 3,000 people who would fit into phase 1B. And so 200 shots in a week is not going to cover anywhere near that much. So we as a hospital and public health department are working together and we are trying to tier it based on those who are at most advanced risk for getting severely ill."

Dr. Borus says they're hopeful promises for additional vaccine supplies actually do come true. But until that happens, he says those who can get vaccinated locally will continue to be very limited...Vaccination Update02 

"As we hopefully start getting thousands of vaccines at once, we probably will open it up to online appointments and so just a matter of when we get those. We would love to be able to do 1,000, 2,000 in a week. But, again, 200 a week we are still just calling folks who qualify and getting them on the books."

In the mean time Dr. Borus urges everyone wanting to get a vaccine to complete an online questionnaire at lakesregionalhealthcare-dot-com. Click on the survey button. You can also call Dickinson County Public Health at 339-6050.