COVID-19 Will Bring Big Changes This Summer To Okoboji Yacht Club & Its Sailing School

Mon 5-4-2020

(Wahpeton)-- The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will likely result in some major changes this year for the Okoboji Yacht Club and its sailing school. Spokesman Randy Gould says they're in the process now of preparing the grounds and facilities for the upcoming season and that adjustments are being made for the sailing school...Randy Gould01 

"We're limiting the class sizes down to the required, current required 10. We're looking at social distancing, you know, PPE. We are disinfecting our entire facility. We are doing a facelift on it right now. We'll be providing social distancing within the classes we're doing as well as trying to run the classes from outside."

Gould says all equipment and boats will also be disinfected and that instructors will be wearing masks.

On the Yacht Club side of things, Gould says they're still assessing what any social gatherings might look like for the upcoming season...Randy Gould02 

"We've got an older population for our membership currently so we want to be cognizant of that. They're a more vulnerable population and so. We're floating ideas currently for the Okoboji Yacht Club and how we can carry on our social gatherings once we're allowed to."

And Gould says there undoubtedly will be some changes to how the yacht club will handle races this summer...Randy Gould03 

"It's almost impossible to social distance on a small sailboat so we actually are waiting to see what happens on the 15th with the new announcement from the Governor."

Among other things, Gould says they're looking at shorter racing season...Randy Gould04 

"We were starting our training season and tuneup races on May 30th and 31st and then the next weekend we would start up racing the 5th. So right now we'll continue to have that calendar in place and then we may just have to abandon races as we go. But it's a day by day thing. I think everybody is dealing with the same kind of issues with all their businesses and non-profits. We're just kind of looking ahead two weeks and re-evaluating each week."

Gould says they are considering a smaller committee that administers the races. He says the board will also be considering some revised rules.