Covid 19 Discussed At Legislative Forum Saturday In Spirit Lake

Mon 3-9-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Covid 19, or Coronavirus, was a topic of discussion Saturday at a legislative forum in Spirit Lake. 

State Representative John Wills gave an update on preparations being made on the state level. He says Governor Kim Reynolds has placed a unit of the Iowa National Guard on standby. He says it specializes in decontamination...Wills & Covid1901 

"All it does is nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. So the biological part of it, they're experts in dealing with biologics, which is what the covid virus is all about. And so they're on notice. They're actually a full time unit. They're on notice that if they're a coronavirus or a covid19 virus outbreak they can respond and be there. They know how to decontaminate. They have all of the protective clothing and all that sort of thing."

Wills says the Governor is also conducting a series of webinars with local officials. The Governor also activated the state's Emergency Operations Center over the weekend. 

In the meantime, Wills says it's important not to panic and to just use common sense...Wills & Covid1902 

"It's something to be aware of, it's something to be cautious of and it's something to not only be understanding of, but something to also just live your life and make sure that you're not holing yourself up in your home and panicking about it."

It was announced Sunday evening three people from Johnson county who were recently on a cruise in Egypt have tested positive for the coronavirus.