COVID-19 Antibody Testing Now Available Locally

Fri 6-12-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- COVID antibody testing is now being made available locally through Avera. Dr. Craig Cunningham of Lakes Regional Family Medicine says the tests are available at two locations in the area...Antibody Testing01 

"One is through Avera Quick Labs in Estherville. You don't need a doctor's order for this test. You can go there and just say I would like to be tested for COVID antibody. I believe the cost is approximately $80 through Avera Quick Labs. The other way you can get tested is through your local provider here at Lakes Regional Healthcare, and you do need a doctor's order for our test to be run. It's the same exact test but ours will take a little bit longer than the Estherville Avera Quick Lab just because of the processing time."

Dr. Cunningham says there are certain groups of people that are being encouraged to get the antibody test...Antibody Testing02 

"I think a very good use of these antibody tests is for people who have previously been sick and thought they might have had an exposure based on any number of factors but never had a PCR test which is the test in the nose either come back positive or able to get one especially early on in the pandemic when we had very limited testing. So that would be a very good use of that test. Additionally if you are just wondering if you're immune, if you have that immune response."

Dr. Cunningham says he's cautiously optimistic that there may atleast be some short term immunity available to those who do test positive for having the antibodies.