Corridor Officials To Meet With Local Health Providers Regarding Future Ability To Attract RN's, CNA's To The Region

Tue 11-29-2016 []

(Spencer)-- Local officials say they want to make sure a key component to economic development remains a thriving factor in the region. Healthcare.

The industry currently is struggling to meet a growing demand in many areas for CNA's and registered nurses.

Kiley Miller, Chairman and CEO of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation tells KUOO news that will be the topic of a meeting corridor officials will be having with local healthcare providers on Friday of this week...Corridor Healthcare01 

"Well clearly we have a great healthcare infrastructure here. We have great hospitals, great nursing homes, all kinds of good care. But we have a workforce challenge in the region. And it would be naive to think that didn't impact the healthcare system as well. So as we look forward, particularly as our region ages, we're going to need more of these CNA's and RN's. We've heard from some of our healthcare employers that there's a concern: where does that pipeline of talent come from? And the reality is we don't know. So the first step as a region in addressing that problem is to kind of try to define what the needs are and what those candidates look like and where we might be able to find them."

Miller says that will be one of the very issues they'll be talking about Friday...Corridor Healthcare02 

"We're meeting with some employers in the healthcare area and we're just trying to get some feedback. I want to emphasize we have, there's no service delivery problem, this is a FUTURE issue, how do we make sure that we have the people going forward that have this critical skill set?"

More information on Friday's meeting is available by contacting the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation.