Corridor Intern Surveying Other Interns

Wed 6-20-2018

(Spencer)-- A new face has joined this staff this summer at the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation. Katie Simpson of Spencer is working as an intern at the Corridor's headquarters in Spencer. She's studying marketing and public relations at Drake University. Simpson says one of her projects this summer consists of a survey of interns working at various businesses and industries in the Corridor's service area...Corridor Intern01 

"One of the coolest things I've been asking people is what advice they would have for someone who's hoping to apply for an internship, and it's been really interesting to see all of the different responses. We've had people say things like it's been great because I've gotten to talk on the phone, which is something I've really appreciated from my internship, and then as well things like professionalism and specific skills that they're learning in their areas."

Simpson says she's also working on another project for the Corridor...Corridor Intern02 

"I'm also doing some marketing with Prepare To Launch which is going to be an entrepreneur class that starts in the fall in Estherville, actually, and so that's been a lot of fun. I've been getting to work with Brian Dalziel who is the entrepreneurship guru at the Corridor, and so I've been getting to do some great things with that working with radio, newspapers, some press releases as well as some additional social media marketing pieces as well, so it's been great to get some real marketing experience."

Simpson can be reached by contacting the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation at 264-3474 or by email at