Corridor, IGL & SL Chambers Reaching Out To Businesses Impacted By COVID-19

Wed 3-18-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The CEO's of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation and the Spirit Lake and Iowa Great Lakes Area Chambers of Commerce say they're working closely with businesses being directly affected as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Corridor CEO Kiley Miller says they're especially working to make them aware of the various financial programs that are becoming available to them...Business Assistance01 

"Particularly as it relates to any financing programs that might be out there. So for instance, yesterday we shared with many businesses a survey from the Small Business Administration that the Governor had requested so that she would have the data necessary to request disaster loans. Today, a second survey is coming out from the Iowa Economic Development Authority and this will help the state make decisions about supporting small businesses directly. So we're sitting in that gap, sharing that information out and trying to make sure that everybody just knows that things are progressing and that people are in their camp."

Miller adds that if ever there was a time to shop local, this would be it...Business Assistance02 

"This is the greatest nation in the world. This part of the greatest nation in the world, and part of what makes it so great are these small businesses. So if you're out there right now, keep your shopping local. spend your money local. Help these businesses out. Great suggestions. You know go and buy a gift certificate if you don't need anything. Make sure that when you're ordering something you're ordering it from local businesses. Let those folks know that you're there for them. Remember, it's the local businesses that sponsor your little league teams; it's the local businesses that are there on Saturday morning helping out with your community events and stuff, so. Those are the folks that make this place go. Let's stand up for them."

Blaine Andera, CEO of the Iowa Great Lakes and Spirit Lake Chambers Of Commerce, says they're also staying in close contact with their member businesses...Business Assistance03 

"You know we've got information on our Facebook page and we're sending out to our membership about small business development, you know, different things like that. Resources for the businesses, so. If they have any questions or need help with anything please reach out to your local chamber and we'll do everything we can to lead you in the right direction and help out."

Andera says they've also established a special Facebook page...Business Assistance04 

"Iowa Great Lakes Covid19 Local Guide. It's a great opportunity for area businesses to tell us what they're doing as far as takeout, delivery, business options, things like that, and we have opened this up to the general business community, so you don't have to be a chamber member to participate in this. It's just a way for your Chamber of Commerce, the Spirit Lake Chamber or the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber and your local businesses to be able to provide information to the community and to help our businesses."

Anyone with questions or wanting more information should contact either the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce at 332-2107 or the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce at 336-4978.