Corridor Gearing Up For Annual Interviews With Area Manufacturers

Thu 3-22-2018

            (Spencer)-- The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation wants to hear what's on the mind of area manufacturers. Corridor President and CEO Kiley Miller tells KUOO news they'll once again be conducting interviews with higher-ups to hear their concerns and feedback...Manufacturer Interviews 

            "We typically do about 20 a year, we've done as many as 60, but these are in-depth, hard core, really driving interviews. They last about an hour and-a-half, 45 minutes to an hour and-a-half, depending on how much you talk. But any way we aggregate all that information. We get a good snapshot of the economy at-large. So let me give you an example. Last year we did 22 interviews. Of those 22 companies 16 said they plan to grow in the next three years. Grow with employees or grow with the footprint of their facility or with capital investments. Now the other side of that is 21 of 22 expressed concerns of about having available workers. That's why we continue to focus on training but also recruiting new people."

Miller says while they publicize the findings of the survey, things like who says what are kept confidential.

The surveys will be conducted among various manufacturers in the Corridor's service area of Buena Vista, Clay, Dickinson and Emmet counties.