Construction underway on State Pier and Boardwalk at Arnolds Park Amusement Park

Mon 12-16-2019 37 Lake Street, Arnolds Park, IA

(Arnolds Park)-Arnolds Park Amusement Park is continuing construction along the south shore of West Okoboji even during the cold winter weather.

Marketing Director Paul Plumb says work is completed on the seawall in front of the Ferris wheel and adds that construction has started on the boardwalk and the east side of the State Pier. 

Paul Plum on construction cut 1 

"We are just finishing up the process of the seawall and then starting construction on the boardwalk where our tents usually sit out there and then doing some work on the State Pier, also."

He notes that construction areas will be roped off to ensure safety during the University of Okoboji Winter Games. 

Paul Plum on construction cut 2 

"I'm sure it will impact a little bit.  You know, we'll have some areas probably roped off.  We're still planning on having more stuff than normal during our winter games activities down here at the Park.  We've got a lot of things planned for that."

Park officials say the engraved donor brick pavers have been removed and are in a safe, protective place while the Pier undergoes construction.  All engraved pavers will remain in the new design of the Pier, the time capsule will remain and the statue of Captain Steve Kennedy will remain in its original location.

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