Congressman Steve King Says He Wants Proof of Russian Hacking

Fri 12-16-2016

(Spirit Lake)-- One member of Iowa's congressional delegation says he's skeptical over claims of Russia hacking during the Presidential campaign and the election itself. Representative Steve King says he wants to see actual evidence before any action is taken against the Russian government...King On Russian Hacking 

"As I understand this there's a suspicion the Russians did the hacking, there's some information that may have and probably did leak out of some of the members of the Intelligence Committee that it's an indication that the Russians did the hacking. But, you know, beyond that I don't have substance. So it looks to me like this has been driven out of the Hillary Clinton campaign and they're trying a number of different narratives that one could argue are designed to discredit the election results."

President Obama has said the situation is serious and is vowing retribution.

King made his comments in a recent interview with KUOO news.