Congressman Steve King Comments On Roy Moore Sex Abuse Allegations

Tue 11-21-2017

            (Spirit Lake)-- A member of Iowa's Congressional delegation is speaking out on the recent rash of sexual abuse allegations. Congressman Steve King was in Spirit Lake today. KUOO news asked King if he feels Roy Moore, a Republican candidate running for U.S. Senate in Alabama who also faces sexual abuse allegations, should drop out of the race...King & Roy Moore 

            "Well at this point I don't think so because they're allegations. You know Harvey Weinstein was really the beginning of this, it looks like, and there are what, 50 to 90 accusers of Harvey Weinstein. And then people in Hollywood I never heard of are making headlines because of the allegations made against them. No doubt some of this is true, maybe, probably a lot of it is, but it all probably isn't true. I just, myself, try to operate my life in a clean, respectful way. That's probably why I don't know about this before I see it in the news. Even the allegations there with some of the house members that have emerged, we just saw one pop up yesterday, a very highly placed Democrat is accused, I never heard those stories. And I see a fund that has been used, atleast according to the news reports, to pay off people who have complaints of sexual harassment. I didn't know that fund existed, and I still don't know, other than that one name I referenced just now, any of the people that may have been involved in that."

Tax reform and North Korea were also among the topics King commented on. We'll have more on those issues coming up in later newscasts.