Congressman Randy Feenstra Makes A Stop In Storm Lake

Mon 2-15-2021

(Storm Lake)-- 4th District Congressman Randy Feenstra was in Storm Lake last Friday to tour the Buena Vista University Agriculture Experiment Center.

Feenstra has been in office now for over a month, and said he's anxious to finally start working on policy...Feenstra At BVU 

"There's a lot of minutia that has happened in the last month and now I'm just focused on, I'm so excited. I'm on the Ag Committee, I'm on the Budge Committee and the Science and Technology Committee. And what we saw today goes through all of them. You know, we've got science and technology here, we're learning about research. It also applies in the ag community. And then budget. The dollars to make this all happen. So to me, we are governed together, all working together, creating a better society, a more sustainable society and that's what I want to do and that's why I wanted to be in Congress, to be a voice for all of us."

The House Ag Committee last Wednesday held their markup on the 1.9-trillion dollar stimulus bill. The committee voted to adopt one of the amendments that Feenstra proposed, which would provide relief for producers who were impacted by natural disasters last year, such as the derecho that impacted approximately 43-percent of cropland in Iowa last August.

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KAYL in Storm Lake)