Company Sues City Of Sibley In Federal Court Over Odor Ordinance

Thu 2-22-2018

            (Sibley)-- A company that's been a source of odor complaints is suing a northwest Iowa city in federal court.

Iowa Drying and Processing has filed the suit against the city of Sibley, claiming an ordinance about smell is vague and is being arbitrarily enforced. The company claims in the suit it has lost more than $3.5 million as a result and that it's adversely affected efforts to sell the plant.

The suit asks a judge to declare the city's ordinance unconstitutional.

The plant, owned by a Minnesota company, has been a source of complaints about smell. The plant dries various products and blends them into other products such as pet and livestock food.

Court records show the city of Sibley issued atleast 45 citations to the plant since July, 2015 totaling nearly $43,000.