Community First Broadcasting Launches Digital Marketing Division

Tue 6-12-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Community First Broadcasting, LLC announced today (Tues.) the company is launching a new division that offers digital marketing services. Landon Johnson, marketing specialist for CF Digital, says the company offers a full line of digital services to area businesses...CF Digital01 

"We offer services from website design and development, local search optimization, social media, email marketing, advance search engine marketing and display advertising."

Video production is also among the services provided.

Johnson says CF Digital also offers businesses a free digital audit of their on-line marketing...CF Digital02 

"You know as we work with different clients and different businesses I get to know them, I learn what is most needed in their business digitally as well as outside of that and it's really good to have one person kind of process those services and hand it off to be created by somebody else but somebody that understands it from a business standpoint and kind of put your best advertising dollar digitally."

Johnson adds digital advertising is an additional tool to help businesses reach even more people...CF Digital03 

"I think that as far as digital advertising goes that it's definitely a segment of your advertising. It's definitely not something you only want to do. Also I think it's important to have a mix which is also kind of the reason I started working here is you have traditional and digital marketing in the mix and I think it's important to understand both sides of that and to work with somebody that understands your business." 

Johnson can be reached at (712) 336-5800 or by email at

Along with CF Digital Group, Community First Broadcasting LLC owns and operates 11 stations in the area, including KUOO and KUQQ in Spirit Lake, KUYY in Spencer, KUXX and KKOJ AM and FM in Jackson, Minnesota, KKIA and KAYL AM and FM in Storm Lake and KIHK and KSOU AM and FM in Sioux Center.

Landon Johnson, CF Digital Marketing Specialist