Colder Weather Dashes Hopes Of Area Farmers For Early Planting, But Local Ag Experts Says There's Still Plenty Of Time

Wed 4-14-2021

(Lakefield, Mn.)-- While the recent rain was welcome by farmers, the cold weather that came in its wake was not. Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield says it's caused soil temperatures to get much colder again, pushing back hopes for early planting...Nesseth0414 

"That seed that's planted in that type of soil temp is just going to sit there and fortunately, you know, we don't have those wet, saturated conditions so I think we're relatively safe there. But there's really, you know, if some producers maybe are talking about trying to do something at the end of the week here, planting some corn, you know, they're probably going to be fine. It's probably just going to lay there. And others, you know, as we were talking about earlier the potential forecast that we have which is probably for cool and wet conditions, there's maybe a little bit of a chance for some moisture. But there's really not the sense of urgency to get out there and plant."

Nesseth adds there's still plenty of time with the ultimate window for planting corn beginning in the next couple of weeks or so and continuing into early May.