Clean Up Days In Milford To Be Held For The First Time This Fall Since 2016

Tue 9-15-2020

(Milford)-- Citywide clean up days in Milford will be held this fall for the first time since 2016. Clean up days will be held Saturday, October 10th and 17th, depending upon whether you live north or south of 13th Street. The Milford City Council Monday evening finalized details for the clean up. Councilman Andy Yungbluth expressed the importance of residents to have items out in a timely manner...Yungbluth & Cleanup Days 

"I'm assuming that they're going to go down 14th street the down 15th street then down 16th street, they're not going to back track. So if somebody, I mean if somebody on 15th street sees them go by and then decides that they want to start setting stuff out, well guess what, they're going to get Bob knocking on their door saying hey you have to pick all that stuff back up, they've already been by. You know you were told that your stuff had to be out by this date and time."

Tags will need to be purchased at Milford City Hall to have some items picked up, such as electronics, appliances, and so on.

City officials say additional information will be forthcoming.