Clay & Dickinson Counties Approved For Emergency Haying And Grazing Of CRP Acres

Wed 8-8-2018

(Spencer)-- Clay and Dickinson counties have been approved for emergency haying and grazing of Conservation Reserve Program acres due to the excessive rain that occurred this spring and early summer. Les Zobrist, County Executive Director of the Clay and Dickinson Farm Service Agency tells KUOO news producers have a limited time to do that...Zobrist01 

"Producers have from August 6th through August 31st to utilize the emergency haying and until September 30th to utilize emergency grazing."

Zobrist says there are some guidelines producers wishing to participate in the program will need to follow...Zobrist02 

"Persons interested in utilizing the CRP acres need to come to the FSA county office first and file a request and go through a sign up process before they hay or graze. Practices that are available are limited mostly to long time, established grassland practices. They cannot be within 120 feet of permanent streams or water and only a portion of a field may be utilized. They'll do a revised conservation plan that takes a couple minutes with NRCS."

So far, Zobrist says only Clay and Dickinson counties are the only ones in northwest Iowa that have been approved for emergency haying and grazing.