Clay County Residents Being Highly Urged To Stay Home If At All Possible

Fri 3-27-2020

(Spencer)-- Residents of Clay county are being highly urged to stay home if at all possible due to concern over the potential of any local spread of COVID-19. The request is being made of residents even though a positive case of COVID-19 has not yet been confirmed in the county.

City leaders, medical professionals, law enforcement agencies and other officials in Clay county issued a joint statement this (Friday) evening saying they "believe it is imperative to send a unified message to our communities regarding COVID-19, and provide as much support as possible to our healthcare leaders."

The leaders add they are meeting electronically on a daily basis with medical providers. 

The news release refers to Spencer Hospital CEO Bill Bumgarner who is urging Clay county residents to stay home. It says "With the exception of essential life activities such as grocery shopping or significant medical supplies, please stay home. If you have to be out in public, please maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and others and wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds often."

The release also warns residents against the temptation to gather in parks, back yards, or other outdoor gathering locations as warmer weather approaches.

To read the jointly issued statement in its entirety, click here.