Clay County Officials Give COVID-19 Update During Press Conference

Thu 6-11-2020

(Spencer)-- Even though Governor Kim Reynolds has given the green light for municipal swimming pools to reopen effective tomorrow (Fri.), Spencer Mayor Kevin Robinson announced this (Thurs.) afternoon that city is going to hold off for a bit on doing that...Clay Co Update01 

"There are several variables that go into that decision. One of the major variables is staff. If we have the staff availability and can we keep the staff healthy, because if we can't keep the staff healthy it's hard to run a safe and successful operation, so there will be a decision coming out about our municipal pool probably early to mid next week would be a good timeframe to set a goal for that."

Robinson also said health officials are now pushing back the date for the projected peak in COVID-19 cases in the region...Clay Co Update02 

"Initially when this first broke out we had anticipated that sometime early June we would see our peak in numbers, we had prepared for that, we had made decisions regarding that. We have not yet seen our peak. In fact regionally, and specifically in a 60 mile radius of us, we're now really starting to actually see the ramp up. Dickinson county was just named as one of the hot spots in the country as far as the increased number of positive cases that are coming on line."

Robinson says the potential impact the virus could have on the workforce has him deeply concerned...Clay Co Update03 

"We have many, many small businesses of three to 10 employees and if three, four, five of those employees either start going out because they have COVID or because they've been exposed to people who have had COVID and they have to go isolate for 14 days, we're going to see an economic impact that's different from being not open for business; it's going to be a scramble in order to try stay open and service the needs of the business and the workers as well as the patrons."

Robinson made his comments during a press conference earlier this (Thurs.) afternoon. He was joined by Dan Skelton of the Clay County Board of Supervisors. Skelton said there will be somewhat of a preview this weekend as to what the Clay County Fair may look like if the decision is made to move ahead with it...Clay Co Update04 

"I know there is a livestock show on the fairgrounds this weekend and it may be a preview of some of what we see at this year's Clay County Fair. The exhibitors in the show ring will be required to wear face masks at all times; the bleachers have been removed from the arena to discourage congregating as individuals in there, so working through some of those logistics ahead of the fair is a lot of what's happening right now."

Skelton also emphasized it's important to keep an eye out for each other's physical well being and mental health during this difficult time. He's urging everyone to reach out to their neighbors, friends and families to make sure they're doing alright.