Clay County Fairgoers Likely To Notice Some Road Construction

Thu 8-30-2018

(Spencer)-- Those attending this year's Clay County Fair will likely notice some road construction. 

The work is taking place on the east periphery of the grounds, on 4th Avenue West. Street pavement and a majority of driveway approaches and sidewalks have been replaced between West 12th Street West 16th Street.

Project engineer for the city of Spencer, Brian Schmidt, says contractors plan to have the remaining work on 4th Avenue West completed south of West 16th Street prior to the fair, if the weather allows.

Schmidt says once sections of 4th Avenue west are completed they will be open to local traffic only. He adds 4th Avenue West will remain closed to through traffic during the fair to protect the work that's been done and to minimize congestion.

City officials say property owners in that area will still have the opportunity to park vehicles on their private property during the fair if they so choose. They add that parking of vehicles within the public right-of-way, or the area between the street and including the sidewalks, will not be allowed. City officials say vehicles also will not be allowed to drive over the new curbs. They say any damage done to the new improvements because of the property owner's failure to comply shall be repaired at the property owner's expense. 

Clay County Fair General Manager Jeremy Parsons says fairgoers will need to be aware of the following:

  • The Silver Lot (east of the main Fairgrounds on 4th Avenue West) will be accessible from all entrances.
  • Gate C (the corner of West 14th Street and 4th Avenue West) will be accessible from the east and south
  • Gate A will be accessible for walk-in traffic. The circle drive in front of Gate A will be accessible for the RIDES shuttle service and other mass transit options for visiting the Fair. Private vehicular traffic will not be permitted at Gate A.

Work on the 4th Avenue West project will resume once the Clay County Fair is over.