Clay County Fair To No Longer Release Estimated Daily Attendance Numbers

Mon 8-27-2018

(Spencer)-- Whether or not a fair is a success can't be judged on attendance alone. That's a philosophy officials with the Clay County Fair have adopted. And as a result, fair General Manger Jeremy Parsons says they will no longer be releasing estimated daily attendance figures effective with this year's fair...CCF Stats 

"You know, I think attendance is important, people always want to see how big are you, yet we realized a few years ago that really, attendance numbers really are so dependent on the weather. It doesn't really tell you whether the quality of the fair was good, it just tells you that you had nice weather. So we're going to switch to some different metrics. We want to focus more on the number of kids that show at the fair; we want to focus on the spending of our fairgoers, because that kind of reflects the local economy. We want to focus on those metrics that will help see whether the fair was truly a success or not. Don't worry, we're still tracking attendance. We know how many people will come, but we're just going to set that aside and worry about that kind of after-the-fact, and really just focus on delivering a higher quality fair."

Parsons made the comments Friday during a media day event fair officials hosted.