Clay County Fair To Feature Some New Animal & Strolling Acts This Year

Thu 8-23-2018

(Spencer)-- Things are bustling at the Clay County Fairgrounds, with the start of this year's fair just a couple of weeks away. Jeremy Parsons, General Manager of the Clay County Fair, says while last year marked a major milestone for the event, fairgoers will notice even more changes this year...Parsons01 

"We looked at last year being our centennial as really the point for us to really build and grow the fair and, you know, I think we're doing that. A lot of improvements on the fairgrounds, for those of you here in Spencer you know that it's been a construction zone in and around the fairgrounds all summer long, and we're excited to finish up those projects, but then when you get to the fair itself, something for you really around every corner."

That includes a diverse line-up of free entertainment again this year, with a number of strolling acts...Parsons02 

"Rocket The Robot is back us, he's a great fair favorite. We're excited to bring Ally Oops to the fair this year, they're a European circus act that will be strolling around the grounds entertaining in a lot of different varieties and ways; then we bring back the old favorite with Farmer Bob and his old car, but then you also bring back the Spoon Man, it's been a few years since he's been here but he's going to walk around the grounds entertaining everybody, so you're right, strolling entertainment really brings the fair right to you."

Parsons adds some of those attractions will feature animals again this year as well...Parsons03 

"Kachunga and the alligator. It's been about 10 years since Kachunga has been at the fair, but it's a full educational program about alligators with a little alligator wrastlin' there at the end to tie it in, so that's a major piece. And then this year we're going to continue free entertainment in the southwest corner of the grounds. Last year if you remember we had a frisbee dog show down by the Farmer's Bank Stage. We did not bring back frisbee dogs but we're bringing in Lumber Jills, it's an all female lumberjack show, so log rolling, ax throwing, chainsaw carving. It's going to be really unique. They're a world champion team that we're excited to have at the fair." 

The Clay County Fair runs September 8th through the 16th.