Clay County Convention & Visitor's Bureau Accepting Applications For Spring 2020 Tourism Grants

Thu 12-12-2019

(Spencer)-- The Clay County Convention and Visitor's Bureau is accepting applications for their spring 2020 Tourism Grant. Stephanie Horsley, Director of Clay County Heritage, says the deadline to apply is February 1st, 2020...Horsley01 

"So for a few years now the Clay County Convention and Visitors Bureau has been doing grant cycles and giving out grants for events that take place in Clay county that they're usually events from organizations or individuals and they promote tourism because that's what our committee is devoted to doing is bringing in people from outside the county to Clay county. So if you have an event that is coming up and you need help with advertising or paying for parts of that event, this grant application might work out great for you. To look up the eligibility and the grant requirements, you can go to our website at and there is a grant tab that has both the application and more information about the program."

Horsley says the program not only helps fund the promotion of various events in Clay county, but also brick and mortar projects that are tourism related...Horsley02 

"For example the Spencer Mainstreet had a big lighting project that they wanted funding for and we were able to use that as a special project for our summer cycle of grants."

Horsley says in 2019 17 organizations were awarded grants for project such as the Northwest Iowa Livestock Showdown, the Northwest Iowa Emerging Leaders Summit and the Spencer Community Theatre's 60th Anniversary.