Clay County Community Foundation To Award 2020 Grants

Fri 3-13-2020

(Spencer)-- The Clay County Community Foundation will announce its 2020 grant recipients at an event Monday evening at 5:30 pm at the Spencer Community Theatre. Connie Goeken tells KUOO news grants will be awarded to various types of projects throughout Clay county...Goeken01 

"We're going to be awarding 25 grants for a total of about $145,000. We were very excited about the projects that came in to us this year and they really run the gamut. Everything from health and human services to public safety, to arts and culture, historic preservation, just really great things that are going to be happening in Clay county with all these projects. And those grants really leverage another group of dollars. A lot of times our grants are seed money for a project or they're last dollars in just to help something really take off and so it's not just our funds that are going into these projects, but many, many other dollars that our grants leverage."

Goeken says they've also established an Impact Grant Program for large projects...Goeken02 

"Last year in 2019 was the first one to be awarded and we realized from many years of looking at applications that sometimes there are projects that are far reaching, but in dollar amounts they are higher to complete them than your normal standard or simple community betterment grants  that we usually award. So we began our first project was the Fire Training Center that was built here outside of Spencer and we were very happy to give that first $2,500 to them as it really will benefit people not only in Clay county but outside of Clay county also. And we're very excited to be awarding another one of those this year."

The keynote speaker at Monday's event will be Spencer Fire Chief John Conyn who will talk about the Fire Training Facility.

The public is invited to Monday's ceremony.