Clay County Community Foundation Launches Disaster Relief Recovery Fund

Tue 5-5-2020

(Spencer)-- The Clay County Community Foundation has established a Disaster Relief Recovery Fund to support those being negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Connie Goeken, Director of the Clay County Community Foundation, says the fund will quickly move resources to where they are needed the most...CCF Disaster Fund01 

"The fund has been started in recognition that during this pandemic time there are going to be a lot of needs on the part of a lot of people and sometimes those needs won't be met through federal or state assistance, and so we're trying to garner local support financially to support the needs of local non-profits that then in turn turn around and support the needs of people in our communities right here in Clay county with food assistance, shelter, medical needs, the kinds of things that we're all kind of strapped for cash to assist right now."

Goeken says the foundation's Advisory Board has committed an immediate $7,000 toward the fund. She says Community State Bank is the first business to donate to the fund. Goeken says the foundation is seeking additional community partners to help build the fund. She says they've already been able to use some of the money they've raised so far to help with a project this past Friday to distribute pork to individuals, food pantries and charities...CCF Disaster Fund02 

"It really kind of drove home to us that it was exactly the right time to get this fund started because that project, Steve Pick from SMU got in touch with me just days after we had sort of let people know we were thinking about starting this fund and said we have a wonderful project, would you like to participate? And it seemed like the perfect time for us to get involved in this and so we did. We contributed $2,500 to their fund that they used to buy the more than 10,000 pounds of pork, and then we also, our members who represent all the communities in Clay county, took their share of the pork loins and went out and we had distributions in all of the surrounding communities as well as helped with the distribution in Spencer."

Donations may be made at or by sending a check to Clay County Disaster Recovery Fund at P.O. Box 7952, Spencer, Ia...51301.