Clay Central-Everly School Bd Votes To Close Everly Building

Thu 4-11-2019

(Everly)-- The Clay Central-Everly School Board earlier this week voted to close the building in Everly. Superintendent Dennis McClain says the closure will be effective at the end of the current school year...CCE Building Closure01 

"And the impetus for that was tuitioning out our 7-12 students. We will continue to serve our Pre-K-6 students. We just don't need two buildings to do that."

McClain says several factors were considered when it came to which building to close...CCE Building Closure02 

"We took a look at all of the facilities, obviously. We had separate committees go through both buildings and take a look at, and we were doing this back when we were looking at maybe going K-12 in one building, and how those buildings might serve the needs of the district that way. We found that really both buildings could do it with modifications. The Royal building would need modifications to serve the middle school-high school students. The Everly building would need modifications to serve our elementary students. And so really it came down to how could we best serve that pre-k-6 population and especially with playgrounds and things like that that we've got in Royal and a few of the other structural things, we just felt like Royal was the best place to continue to serve those students."

Meanwhile, McClain says arrangements continue to be made for sharing agreements for 7th-12th grade students...CCE Building Closure03 

"We've got board committees meeting with board committees from the other districts to set up those sharing agreements and we'll continue that through the end of this month, the beginning of next month. We'll hopefully has those decisions ready to go at our May regular meeting."

McClain says they'll also be restructuring bus routes as part of the changes.