City Officials In Spencer Announce Name Of Another Candidate To Interview For City Manager Position

Wed 9-1-2021

(Spencer)-- City officials in Spencer have announced the name of another candidate that has accepted an invitation to interview for the City Manager position. Dan Gifford is a previous City Administrator for West Burlington, Iowa, a position he held for 15 years. Prior to that he was City Administrator for Holstein, Iowa for three years. Before that he was the Planning Administrator for five years in Fairfield, Iowa.

As we reported earlier, the city council Tuesday evening voted to extend interview invitations to two additional candidates after one of the original three finalists, Al Roder of Independence, Iowa, withdrew his name from consideration. A second person extended an invitation for a final interview after Tuesday evening's action by the city council withdrew after accepting a job in the private sector.

That means Gifford will join the other two finalists, Paula Kay Cmelik and Glenn Anderson, for interviews October 2nd.