City Of Spirit Lake Reminds Residents Of Snow Removal Ordinances

Mon 12-3-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- The first significant snowfall of the season has area cities reminding residents of snow removal ordinances. In Spirit Lake, Clyde Ihrke with the city tells KUOO news residents and business owners have 18 hours from when the snowfall ends in which to get sidewalks cleared...Ihrke04 

"If you have a sidewalk in front of your house, you're obligated, you're responsible to clean that off. That is up to the property owner's resident that is there. They are obligated to clean that off. If that's not cleaned off it goes no safe walking spot for people to get around. And yeah, there are some people that still do some walking around the area."

Ihrke says the entire width of the sidewalk must be cleared.

He goes on to explain how the snow removal process works in the downtown area...Ihrke05 

"We make windrows downtown and in the Lake Street area and what happens is after they get done plowing all the roads, the later on that day, within probably 12 to 24 hours, they're going to come back and they're going to pick up that windrow. Now if those sidewalks that are on the businesses, if they get that pushed in there as we're making those windrows, you can't push it to the windrow, but we'll pick it up with our bobcat. Now once that's cleared, then it's up to the property owners to haul that snow away."

Ihrke also reminds everyone vehicles need to be off the streets when a snow emergency is in effect so plow operators can do their job.

Spirit Lake residents are also reminded to shovel out a spot for their garbage receptacles and to put them back up next to the house or a garage once the refuse has been picked up...Ihrke06 

"We can't have them buried with snow around them, the garbage will not be able to get them. If that garbage truck cannot get that canister picked up with the arms that come off that new automated truck, they will not pick it up. Then you will be with garbage sitting there for another week."

Anyone with questions should contact city hall.

Spirit Lake officials are also reminding residents about city ordinances pertaining to the operation of snowmobiles, ATVs, ORV's and utility vehicles. We'll have more on that in upcoming newscasts.