City Of Spirit Lake Reminds Residents Of Snow Removal Ordinance

Tue 11-10-2015

(Spirit Lake)-- With the possibility of what could be the first measurable snowfall of the season in the forecast, the city of Spirit Lake is reminding residents of its snow removal ordinances. Clyde Ihrke, the city's Code Enforcement Officer, tells KUOO news business and homeowners alike have 18 hours from when the snow or ice event ends to get sidewalks cleared. Ihrke says those who fail to do that can expect to get a certified letter from the city giving them a specific deadline in which to get it done. In the event a property owner doesn't abide by the notice, Ihrke says the city will come in and remove it, with the charges being billed to the property owner.

In addition, Ihrke says if you do not remove snow and ice from your sidewalk and someone should slip and fall, that the property owner is liable.

He also reminds everyone it is illegal to push or pile snow in the street.

And in the event you have a vehicle parked in the street and crews have to plow around it, Ihrke says you'll be subject to a traffic violation.

The city of Spirit Lake has designated 23rd Street, Hill Avenue from the pump house to south of the schools, 15th Street from Hill Avenue to Highway 9, and 20th Street from Hill Avenue to Peoria Avenue as snow routes, meaning they take a high priority for plowing.

Anyone with questions should contact City Hall at 336-1871.

The city is also reminding ATV, ORV and snowmobile operators of ordinances as well. More on that later.