City Of Spirit Lake Issues Reminder Of ATV, ORV, Utility Vehicle Ordinance

Tue 12-4-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Officials in Spirit Lake are reminding operators of ATV's, UTV's and other off-road vehicles of ordinances that need to be followed. Clyde Ihrke, Code Enforcement Administrator, says there are only certain areas of the city where the vehicles can cross highways...ATV Ordinance 

"One is at the corner of Peoria and Highway 9 & 71, it's the Hy-Vee corner, Central Bank, Bank Midwest, whatever corner you want to call it there, the stoplights there, that is designated to where you can cross there, across the highway. The other one is over on Highway 71 south and 23rd Street, which is right there between the Eyecare Center and the clinic. You can cross there to get to the Center Lake area. Those are designated by the state. When this ordinance went into affect we had to wait for the state to designate where they wanted to cross the highway. You cannot drive on a state highway with an ATV, ORV, utility vehicle, that is illegal and it's punishable by a fine."

Snowmobile operators are also reminded to operate their sleds in a responsible manner and to stay off private property.