City Of Spencer To Contribute $100,000 Toward Housing Rehab Project

Tue 11-17-2020

(Spencer)-- The Spencer City Council voted unanimously in favor of directing $100,000 toward a program through the Spencer Economic Development Corporation for what's known as an “infill housing” project. City Manager Amanda Mack said a similar amount of funding will be put forth by two other participating entities, including Spencer Municipal Utilities and the SEDC. She says it will help fill needs identified in a recently completed housing study in the community...Spencer Housing Project01 

"The housing study identified numerous properties throughout the city that either would benefit from rehabilitation or from being removed from properties and then the lots sold for development. So the goal would be for Spencer Economic Development to purchase those properties whether they need to be rehabilitated or torn down and then work directly with contractors on both the rehab, the tear down and development of the property."

The study identified an estimated 385 housing units in the city, both owner and rental, that are in need of moderate to substantial rehabilitation. It says an estimated 36 housing units in Spencer are in a condition that would warrant removal and replacement.

Mayor Kevin Robinson thanked everyone involved in putting the program together...Spencer Housing Project02 

"I'd like to thank SMU for their participation in this as well as the SEDC board. We're fortunate to live in a community where there's lots of different types of programs related to housing and initiatives so on so forth. So looking forward to seeing some projects come out of this."

The SEDC hopes to complete its goal over the next five years.