City Of Spencer Preparing For Possible Protest Thursday

Tue 6-2-2020

(Spencer)-- Spencer Mayor Kevin Robinson has confirmed reports on social media of a possible protest in that city this Thursday.

Robinson informed the Spencer City Council of the matter at their meeting Monday evening, saying he's been in contact with the organizers...Robinson & Protests01 

"Four people are organizing it that we know of. None of them are residents of Spencer. They are in towns not from here. We have reached out to them, they have talked to key city staff. They have every intention, we're told, to make this a peaceful protest, to not have it be violent. With that said one of our goals and what we're charged with as elected officials and city staff members is public safety and so we want you to know that we are discussing what we need to do from the city perspective to keep everyone safe. We're going to take some measures."

Robinson says it's his understanding Spencer was selected due to its prominence in the region...Robinson & Protests02 

"Spencer has been selected, their words not mine, because of the relevance of the size of our town and the importance in our region. And if there's an event and protest that happens here people pay attention. And so as we make many decisions in a regional and developmental basis, Spencer is very relevant in the region and so number one we thank them for identifying that and number two I look forward to hopefully what will be just a peaceful demonstration of what they view needs to be said."

Thursday's protest is scheduled to run from 5:00 until 8:00 pm beginning at East Leech Park, then proceeding to the police station and courthouse before going back to East Leech Park.

Robinson says he'll comment further on the city's preparations at a press conference scheduled for later today (Tues.).