City Of Spencer Launches Incentive Program To Bring New Retail Businesses To The City

Thu 4-4-2019

(Spencer)-- Officials in Spencer are launching an incentive program they hope will bring additional retail offerings to the city. Nancy Naeve of Spencer Main Steet tells KUOO news the Retail Kickstarter Program is being made possible through a cooperative effort...Retail Kickstarter01 

"This has been in the works probably for two years. We really wanted the city of Spencer and our partners, the Chamber of Commerce, Community State Bank, Northwest Bank, Farmers Bank and Main Street, we ended up being players in this and we really wanted to have a tool in our tool belt to be able to say yes, we have incentive programs for people to start retail because we know that is probably the hardest thing to do, other than restaurants, in local communities. We wanted to have something there to say Spencer is your place to go. Let us help you get started. So it really is a forgivable loan and or a no interest loan up to $50,000 for qualifying projects."

Naeve says having the program available will allow them to build on some other positive things taking place in the community...Retail Kickstarter02 

"The strategic economic plan going on, Buxton and McClure talking about an Arts District, and now with this, the spec building that just sold, we've got new businesses coming in and buildings are being sold. I just think this a good time to be in Spencer, it's a good time to come to Spencer, and it's a good place to expand your already successful business. So Spencer Main Street couldn't be more thrilled to be part of this launch."

Those interested in applying and getting more information on the Retail Kickstarter Program can do so by contacting Naeve at (712) 262-7246.

Naeve adds the program is being offered throughout the city of Spencer.