City Of Okoboji Starting To Save Up For Big Street Project

Thu 2-13-2020

(Okoboji)-- The city of Okoboji is starting to sock away money for a major upcoming street project. The city is eyeing plans to resurface Lakeshore Drive in coming years, which will require a significant amount of financial resources. City Administrator Michael Meyers says the budget for the upcoming fiscal year does include some additional funding that will be set-a-side...Lakeshore Drive Funding 

"With the increased valuations here in the community the city stands to, while keeping our tax levy at $4.75 per thousand dollars of valuation, we stand to bring in $150,000 more using that same tax levy. And the plan for the city is we're going to operate under basically the same budget we operated with the past two years. And so with this extra $150,000 the plan is to set it aside in a capital project fund to essentially save and use for a future Lakeshore Drive project."

The city of Okoboji meanwhile continues to fine tune the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. A public hearing on maximum property tax dollars, a new step in the budgeting process for cities and counties, was held at Tuesday's city council meeting. A public hearing on the budget itself is set for March 10th.