City Of Hartley And Former Police Chief Reach Settlement In Lawsuit

Thu 6-16-2016 IA"], ["Harltey

HARTLEY, Iowa (AP) - A former police chief who sued the city of Hartley over his firing has settled the lawsuit.

The dismissal of Mark Younie's lawsuit was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Sioux City. The settlement agreement says the city's insurance carrier, EMC Cos., will pay Younie $25,000 on behalf of the city. The city will pay Younie's attorneys $75,000, to be split with Younie in accordance with his contract with the attorneys.

Younie was fired in January 2014, and he sued the city in October 2014. He alleged in the lawsuit that he was fired because he'd filed a grievance alleging a labor law violation. The city said Younie's firing was unrelated to the grievance.