City Of Arnolds Park Still Considering Whether Or Not To Submit An Offer On Current Okoboji Middle School

Thu 12-12-2019

(Arnolds Park)-- The city of Arnolds Park is continuing to mull over the possibility of making an offer on the current Okoboji Middle School in Arnolds Park. Mayor Jim Hussong tells KUOO news they hope to make a decision at the council meeting in February...Hussong (1) 

"We did a walk through of the school, kind of looked at different areas. Kind of a general consensus was that the older part of the school would need to actually come down. There's an old boiler system that would cost a lot of money to fix, the roof needs repair which is another expense, and then there's asbestos that's in the building there, so we would need to take that part out. Right now we have the plans going to an architect and they're going to kind of look at the feasibility of what it would cost to put together and what we could do with it, so. Hopefully we'll have that before our February meeting and then we'll make a decision from that point in time whether it would be feasible to move forward."

The Okoboji School Board this week approved a procedure through which on line offers for the middle school property will be accepted during a three day period in late February.

The city would relocate city hall to the current middle school location, which city officials say would allow the library to expand in the current city hall facility.