City Of Arnolds Park Provides Documentation Of Middle School Parking Agreements

Tue 3-3-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- The city of Arnolds Park Tuesday released a document pertaining to a parking agreement on the current Okoboji Middle School site that was referenced recently in a statement from a group regarding the bidding process for the property. 

Mayor Jim Hussong says the agreement was first put into place back in 2000...Hussong & Parking Agreement01 

"The school was needing some help with the parking lot being built and so what the city itself did at that time is that we offered to pay 25 percent of the parking lot, for the cost of the parking lot, and then from there after if there was ever any services or anything needed to be done we would pay that 25 percent. In exchange for it was parking spaces, parking spaces that the public can use on it. The agreement was that if we were to pay for that 25 percent and then the ongoing maintenance part of it, is that for all perpetuity we would be able to use that as public parking. Well last year the state of Iowa changed perpetuity, which means forever, to 21 years. And so basically what we did last year with the school board is that we basically re-did the contract that we had previously did. It's just that forever it was going to be able to use that for public parking, and so we had to just re-do it. So basically it was just symantics on that whole deal."

Hussong says the city's intent was to ease a shortage of parking in the downtown area...Hussong & Parking Agreement02 

"If somebody would have came to us, if a realtor would have come to us, if a developer would have come to us and says hey, help us out, you know, we're having a problem with parking, we would have worked with them. We would have done anything to help them out. All we're worried about is spaces. It doesn't have to be, the parking lot doesn't have to be in the same nook, it could just be anywhere. We're worried about the businesses on Broadway and downtown and we want people to be able to park to go to those businesses, and that's all we want. We're just trying to protect the parking since parking in Arnolds Park is so limited as it is we can't afford to lose any of those spaces."

The document that was approved in 2000 can be seen by clicking here 

You can see the document pertaining to the agreement adopted in 2019 by clicking here.