City Facilities In Spencer Are Closed To The Public Until Further Notice Due To COVID Concerns

Tue 11-17-2020

(Spencer)-- City offices in Spencer are now closed to the public through December 31st. Mayor Kevin Robinson informed the city council Monday evening the action was taken after conferring with department heads...Robinson & Closures 

"And we've had departments that have had significant impacts by COVID, people who either have COVID or are quarantining because of COVID, so we want to ensure number one we protect our staff so that we have the essential services we're able to provide to the public, and number two that we're also protecting the public and their interaction with this. We are committed to make sure the services continue."

City officials say the transfer station in Spencer will remain open with mitigation strategies in effect. They add there will be no disruption to garbage and recycling services.

City officials are continuing to work in offices and are available by phone or email.