Citizen's Climate Lobby to Screen new documentary "Saving Snow"

Wed 2-28-2018

The Public is invited to the premiere screenings of a new film called Saving Snow. KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Citizen's Climate Lobby to Screen new documentary "Saving Snow" 

The Citizen's Climate Lobby is inviting the public to view the new documentary, Saving Snow.

Iowa Great Lakes Chapter Co-Leader Roger Patocka says the film focuses on the famous Birkebeiner ski race in Wisconsin.  "It is a movie that was filmed about a year ago in Wisconsin.  They have their annual Birkebeiner, which is a cross-country ski race, and they have several thousand people that participate, even a number from foreign countries, and last year, they didn't have snow, enough snow to run their race, so they were pretty disappointed and they realized that it maybe had something to do with weather and climate change so, they thought they would put a movie together on it."

He adds that there will be two screenings offered at no charge.  "The film is about an hour long, and we're having a showing at the Spencer Municipal Library at one o'clock on Friday, and we're having a showing at the Lakeside Laboratory at one o'clock on Saturday.  That will be open to the public, and we'll have some discussion afterwards, and we hope to have a good discussion."

 Listen to the full interview with Roger Patocka:

Interview with Roger Patocka 

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