Child Abuse/Neglect Rates Causing Concern

Mon 12-24-2018

(Milford)-- Continued increases in child abuse and neglect rates in some Iowa counties are sounding alarms among experts. Erin Binneboese, is the coordinator of DCAT, an agency in northwest Iowa that works on behalf of child-related issues. She says two counties here in northwest Iowa rank among the highest in the state when it comes to child abuse and neglect...Child Abuse Rates 

"There's 99 counties of course in Iowa, and so the higher your rate is the is the higher rates of abuse. In Osceola county, we are ranked 78th, so that's pretty far up there as far as child abuse. Clay county is ranked 88th, so that's even higher yet, so it's something that we are concerned about and we want to see what can be done to help lower those. The same goes with child neglect. Clay county is 75th out of the 99 counties."

Binneboese presented those statistics at a forum last week in Milford on child and family issues that featured a panel of state lawmakers.